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Energy and Cost Efficiency in Wireless Access
Keywords: Core network, Cost efficiency, Energy efficiency, Interference management, Network architectures, Network planning and optimization, Power systems, Radio Access Networks

This strategic Sino-Finnish collaboration project develops new cost and energy efficient solutions to future radio access networks. The use of emerging features such as femto cells, relays, and coordinated multipoint will require changes to the ways radio access networks are planned. Energy consumption of the network equipment has become increasingly important. The industry is looking ways to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by improving the energy efficiency of the base station equipment. Energy efficiency of the networks will also impact on the way networks should be planned and operated. Saving energy also saves costs. Hence its natural to study the cost and energy efficiency jointly.

  • Duration: Two years (September, 2010 to August, 2012)
  • Research Area: Architecture of future mobile networks, Interference management for future wireless networks, Future green wireless communication, Key technologies for Future IPv-6-based core network

Research Team

The research team consists of Academic and Industrial partners from Finland and China.

Finnish Partners

Chinese Partners

Contact Persons


Board Meeting

ICT Alliance Workshop in Finland on Nov 21, 2012

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